We are all about, Shades, and the amazing possibilities for having different types of shades installed and the ability for people to have shades on any window or door they desire. Of course, many times that means that a custom shade is needed. And, then oftentimes, one might think having a shade custom made for you, is going to be too expensive.

The world of custom shades has changed over the years.  A custom shade has become more affordable and not so out of the ordinary. Having one made and installed for you insures you a few things: The material and color or pattern you desire; a sure fit for any space or place; high quality materials and workmanship; years of durability and use; proper installation. A custom shade will pay for itself in its beauty versatility, and even sometimes, its uniqueness, allowing you to have both a custom and finished look and our experts do all the work! Are you thinking of the possibilities for custom shade installation in your space??