Wood Shutter Repair and Installations

20150124_131248Although modern day applications for shutters are for both the inside and the outside of windows, most people think of them as for the outside. What is particularly interesting about that is that they were originally designed to protect from the inside. If you need shutters repaired or are looking for some new ones, look no more.

On Tudor and Elizabethan homes, shutters were made of solid boards and covered only the lower half of the window openings where no glass was installed. This was because glass was so expensive back then. When these shutters were open, fresh was able to come into the room and the folded back shutters looked like decorative wall panels. When closed, usually with a bar across, light still came through the glazed upper half of the window. When double hung windows became popular in the late 1700s, they were then made so they covered the whole window.

By the Victorian period, when wood constructed homes were then the norm and windows were no longer recessed deeply into stone or brick structures, shutters moved outside. That is what most people think of when they think of shutters. Do you need your shutters repaired? Give Shades of Beauty a call!

With the age of mechanization, shutters became more advanced, and louvered slats were possible.

Shutters were brought to America when the South was colonized by the Spanish and subsequently used on plantation homes.Thus the common shutter name in the United States is Plantation Shutters. They enabled cross ventilation during the hot summers, and afforded protection when the storms came, because the louvers could be closed.

At Shades of Beauty, we have long believed that interior shutters can be a lovely addition to any home or office. They can be used on windows, of course, but they are also lovely and highly functional on patio doors! Not only do we intsall all types of shutters, we are top notch in shutter repair.

They can be made with almost any shade of stain in order match or compliment your décor. Even today’s architecturally impressive eyebrow windows, or arched tops, can be fitted to become part of your shuttered windows. Our Plantation Shutters are made from a faux wood, (a composite), and the all other styles are from wood.

Please call us and an associate in our Home Design Center can speak with you and help you to begin to see your window treatment dreams come true.