Custom Curtains

custom curtainsHere at Shades of Beauty, of Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island we specialize in custom curtains. We design them and install them. With all the new options available today, some folks tend to forget curtains as a tasteful, beautiful option. We also offer a 10% discount off of our competitors’ prices for a comparable product. Our custom curtains will be the talk of any gathering.

Custom Curtains have long been used to compliment your decor, as well as block light, heat and cold. Curtains can also soften the look of a room; more so than shutters or blinds. The materials available today are much more varied than even 25 years ago.  Many of these options are washable and permanent press. For many of the heavier drapery materials, Shades of Beauty has a cleaning service. We come into your home and professionally and efficiently clean them right in place. For your custom curtains, be sure to give us a call!

Shades of Beauty, has some very lovely custom options for your home or business.  Our innovative and beautiful, Silhouettes & Luminettes are a graceful, unique version of a standard curtain. The Silhouettes & Luminettes can be made in a choice of materials and colors and fitted to your windows or sliders. 

So take a good look at your windows. Let your imagination run wild with color and texture possibilities, and then let Shades Of Beauty, make your vision a reality. Hundreds of satisfied Long Island customers are glad they did.

Browse through our website, take advantage of our “No Charge” home shopping service, or come in to see us. Our showroom is located at: 661 Rosevale Ave., Lake Ronkonkoma, NY