Window Silhouettes

window silhouettesHere at, Shades of Beauty, we pride ourselves in the choices we re able to offer our customers.

It can, however, become difficult to choose between the window and door treatments available. Especially when you see our Silhouttes  and Luminettes. That is because if you cannot decide between a shade or a curtain,  Siilhoutttes or Luminettes  may be for you!

Made from stunning sheer material housed in clear vanes, these Luminette verticals give you the best of both.  They are able to rotate a full 180 degrees, giving you the amount of privacy or light that you desire. These Luminettes are not only usable on your windows, but are perfect for sliding glass doors, as well. You, your family, and your guests or clients will be stunned by their beauty, uniqueness and versatility, .

Shades of Beauty also suggests that you take a look at our amazing and innovative, Silhouettes.  As the name suggests, their unique construction gives the appearance of a silhouette. In this window treatment, our signature sheer S-Vane “shade”, is sandwiched in between two curtain shears. This creates the look of a floating ribbed shade.  Harsh sunlight is dispersed evenly around the room, while being diffused at the same time. This is a truly special product.

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